Frozen Yogurt is a frozen dessert made with yogurt and sometimes other dairy products. It also features in many of the multiverse series.

Appearances/References Edit

  • In Like As It Is episode 6 - "BASKET. BALL.", Orlando, Adam, Touchstone and Audrey get froyo. Notably, Adam gets plain vanilla with nothing on it. Touchstone and Audrey are appalled by this.
  • In The Blair Goddess Project, Blair becomes entranced with froyo, even briefly naming herself after it.

    Blair trying Froyo for the first time in BGP episode 10 - "The New Ambrosia"

  • In The Grey Tarmac Road, froyo is discussed twice. Once between Omar and Trudy, where Omar talks about liking it, then again between Omar and Cyrus, where Cyrus mentions that he has a voucher from a frozen yogurt place and they should go.
  • In The Ultimate Aaron Milverton Crossover Fic, Rachel works at a frozen yogurt place, and accidentally spills some on Zoe, thus engineering their full first meeting.

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